My grief was overwhelming and Lisa helped me through a tough time.

"I started working with Lisa when a family member suddenly passed away. I was feeling overwhelmed and filled with grief and Lisa was so supportive and caring. What I really appreciated about Lisa’s approach is that she didn’t try to “make me let it go” or “remember the happy times.” She helped me through what I was feeling right then and acknowledged that this was hard. This approach helped me to feel heard and understood. 

I am eternally grateful for Lisa and how much she has helped me through this tough time. Lisa is so gifted at understanding how a client feels and moving them gently through the Tapping process. I feel confident recommending Lisa to anyone wanting to work on releasing their blocks and finding deeper peace in their lives."

- Helen Millar

They say “forgiveness doesn’t change the past, but it does change the future!"

Although I felt I’d achieved this on my healing journey, there was still a lingering within my body of an anxiousness which was hindering me of a physical peace. EFT helped me to identify in a gentle way that this anxiousness was connected to specific past memories. Furthermore, it enabled me to achieve once and for all the complete inner healing needed so I could move forward with a calm confidence.

Lisa’s kindness, expertise and natural ability to create a safe, tranquil space is what made it possible for me to explore, learn and find peaceful renewal. Thank you Lisa for your wonderful guidance, I couldn’t recommend you enough!

- Serenity

EFT has allowed me to feel so much calmer and at ease in myself.

Stress had been a constant companion throughout my life. Lisa created a safe and secure environment where her gifted skills and knowledge guided me to explore past events that contributed to the stress. The way in which Lisa was able to listen to my language and create an easy to follow script while tapping helped me make great positive shifts.

Her professional and empathic nature allowed me to open up and discover what’s been holding these old patterns. Walking away feeling lighter and empowered on my journey ahead.

- Lisa T

I overcame my anxiety of cold-calling for my business.

I knew it was an important for me to reach out to potential customers for my business. Every time I went to pick up the phone my heart went into my mouth, my stomach knotted and I was paralysed with fear. Although I had done EFT myself using an App, I wasn’t able to clear my anxiety. It wasn’t until I worked with Lisa, as a skilled practitioner, that I was able to identify traumatic childhood memories that were impacting me. The EFT session was nurturing, kind and gentle. After my 2 sessions clearing away emotions that were costing me $$$ in my business. Straight after my EFT sessions, I created a new consultancy package and with my increased self-confidence and using cold calling, I made sales in my first week. Thank you Lisa.

- Matt

I was able to calm down quickly during a stressful time.

I have had the privilege to work with Lisa in a time of acute stress with a background of a panic disorder. I was able to work on and work through the basis of my fears and come to a place of calm. From a quantum perspective, I was able to feel trapped energy in my body leave and feel joy in replacement of this. I cannot recommend working with Lisa enough to work through things at a deeper level for real and lasting healing. 

- Emma

Lisa helped me through some dark days.

I have successfully used EFT several times many years ago. So when it was suggested it might be helpful for the anxiety and grief I was experiencing over the imminent death of a close family member, I was willing to try it. I believe EFT with the guidance of Lisa helped me through some dark days. I was able to show up with love and service and be helpful to those around me. Lisa is kind, loving, intuitive and skilled. I am grateful for her care. 

- Grace B

With EFT, I connected to that inner place that is centred and at ease.

After my dad died suddenly, my grief and confusion was overwhelming. I needed something effective, and gentle. EFT was that. With EFT, I learned to support myself gently out of trauma. So when Lisa re-introduced me to EFT, I was connected to that inner place that is centred and at ease. She is respectful and a caring guide. I will always have high regard for EFT and the work Lisa does.

- Marie

I'm no longer addicted to chocolate.

"I would highly recommend Lisa and EFT to anyone. I had never heard of "tapping" and didn't know anything about it. Lisa, in her calm, gentle manner took me through the process. I went to her for help with overcoming obsession/addiction to chocolate that I had not been able to overcome.

I was a little skeptical about how it could work but it did! 

And the most amazing this is how I have used it in other areas of my life and how my whole world seems to have improved. I still don't know "how" it works exactly, I just know it does! 

My life seems so much more calm and serene since I have applied the skills Lisa taught me. I am forever grateful for the help Lisa gave me."

- Toni O

Chocolate biscuit desperation be gone!

I am so happy to have had the opportunity to work with Lisa. I had an obsession with chocolate biscuits/sugar that I couldn't get a handle on.

Lisa gently guided me through the tapping process and during the session, I felt "stuff shift" within me. Hand on heart, my desire for those packets of biscuits left me and I can look at a biscuit now and decide 'yes or no' on my choice in the moment and not the overwhelming desperation I had felt previously. During the session, I felt "stuff" unlock in me that also has positively affected other aspects of my life, not just the biscuits.

I highly recommend Lisa to anyone looking for a beautiful spirit and a gentle soul who will hold space for you and assist in whatever your need is.

My heartfelt thanks.

- Anne