Quantum EFT (QEFT) is about using EFT to dissolve uncomfortable emotions right back to where they began through time, place and space.

The process involves some elements of Matrix Reimprinting to help resource the younger version who was experiencing the troubling event. These impactful events, troubling emotions and deeply held limiting core beliefs, unless cleared, can sometimes keep resurfacing in our present day lives even when we can think we have dealt with them.

It doesn't matter if you don't have a clear memory of the event consciously as EFT tapping allows the subconscious to remember and a safe and gentle processing and releasing of these emotions can occur.

Clients report experiencing a profound release of old soul patterns and beliefs that had remained stubbornly stuck. They then find that they are able to create a life that has real meaning and purpose, claiming their place in the world with a sense of joy and possibility.