Lisa Reardon

Clinical EFT Practitioner and Quantum EFT

To let go is to grow.

I've learned how to heal from tough times. There's no doubt that “bad things can happen to good people.” In my own life journey, I have experienced grief and sudden loss. I felt weighed down emotionally with an inner critic that relentlessly told me that “I wasn't good enough, that I should be perfect, that I was unloved.” At times I felt invisible, that I didn't matter. It was exhausting. 

Many years ago, I made the courageous decision to lean into the pain and fear and learnt to let it go. I didn't do this alone. I was fortunate to have people walk alongside me, to ask questions at the right time, and help me access the wisdom that lay inside me. It has been a gradual process of healing troubling memories and moving from fear to joy. My life is so very different today and I'm glad I made myself important enough on my “To Do List” to commit to my own recovery. 

On my journey of healing:

  • I've let go of limiting beliefs. 
  • I've replaced my addictive habit of negative self talk with a voice that's supportive. 
  • I've healed past traumas. 
  • I've learned that grief, whilst messy, is survivable when you have tools to help along the way. 
  • I've claimed my personal power, found my voice and come to learn that I matter. 

There is freedom in not living in a heightened state of fear and anxiety.

Over twenty years ago, I found EFT which has allowed me, my friends and now my clients to heal stuck emotions by sending calming signals to the brain. As a trained Clinical EFT Practitioner, I coach people on their own journey to release and heal emotions associated with past events so that they can experience greater peace of mind.


  • Clinical EFT Practitioner - certification through EFT Universe.

  • Quantum EFT Practitioner - certified by Jenny Johnston, Founder of Quantum EFT.

  • Master Practitioner NLP and Health. 


  • Anxiety/fear.

  • Trauma and childhood events.

  • Unhealthy habits/cravings/addictions.

  • Grief/loss.

  • Self-love and confidence.

I see clients via zoom video sessions nationally (New Zealand) and internationally. If you are interested in exploring sessions you could schedule a 15 minute video consult here.